I design brands, experiences and digital products

I have over 15 years experience partnering with agencies and clients, offering, branding, experience and product design.
Acting as Creative Director, Design Director and Art Director. I've led multiple branding and design projects and managed large teams of designers to deliver timeless, big impact experiences. Through relentless exploration and understated design, I continue to solve problems and create designs that stand the test of time.
Design Thinking
I approach all projects with the 'Design Thinking' process. Seeking to understand the user, challenge assumptions and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and innovations. Providing a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is a way of thinking and working and has five key steps:
Empathise - fully understand the brands audience
Define - users' needs, their problems, and the brands insights
Ideate - challenge assumptions and create ideas for innovative solutions
Prototype - to start creating solutions
Test - see what solutions work
Straight Talking Strategy
Fully understand the brief/problem to ensure the right solution is found and the people I'm creating the brand / product for. Analyse and fully understand the market to find the ultimate differentiator.
Face to Face
Brand Review
Market Research
Stakeholder Interviews
User Personas
Competitor Analysis
Design Sprints
Understated Design
I imagine, challenge and grow brands that have a meaningful impact on the world. Transform perceptions and bring stunning concepts and campaigns to life through digital products. Simple, intelligent design that is built to stand the test of time - Understated Design
Art Direction
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines
Brand Identity
Creative Direction
Information Architecture
UX/UI design
Design System Implementation
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