The challenge
For people of a certain income and inclination, the options for overland adventures are quite limited - either you go local or you invest heavily in your own kit. At the luxury end of the spectrum there are plenty of ‘wow’ moments, but everything is done for you. So the memories are fleeting rather than transformative.
Also, joining in with a bunch of enthusiasts can be daunting - especially as a novice. Even if you do get your own vehicle, the levels of service and comfort on these trips don’t reflect the expectations of an affluent audience. It’s rough, it’s tumble and the rewards are often limited to the driving experience alone.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
The positioning
Luxury experience, life-changing adventure.
The world is a beautiful place - and at its most exciting from the ground. Flying’s too disconnected, walking’s too slow and being a tourist is boring. We believe in providing authentic overland adventures, that people will never forget. And doing it in style.
Safe danger, Wild comfort, Guided discovery
House rules
Take care of our people
First rule of XPed. everyone gets out here alive. Passengers first, team next. We take care of security, safety and comfort.

Make it unforgettable
No half measures, no cutting corners. This is an adventure experience. We always leave our guests / members breathless.

Do it in style
This is where we stand apart - providing a luxury experience. We’re always elegant, usually stylish and bring along the finest crew to take care of our guests.
Brand promise
For people who’ve always wanted to go on a proper overland adventure but didn’t think they they can.
XPed is a different kind of overland brand. We take luxury as seriously as adventure. We don’t just give you access to locations you’ve only ever dreamed about driving to, stretching your abilities and expertise behind the wheel, we also know how to do it in style.
Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a brave beginner, we take people on unique luxury overland adventures - providing the planning, visas, top spec vehicles, equipment and the world’s foremost experts and guides. So all you need to do is get behind the wheel, and go!
Brand experience
On your terms
Adventure by day, luxury by night. Just because you’re out in the wild, it doesn’t mean you need to rough it or take unnecessary risks. You’ve earned this adventure - you deserve to do it iwith the experts, in comfort, safety and style.

Out in the wild
These are not trips for the fainthearted. You will experience unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime journeys that are more than a change of scenery, but a change of outlook.

In the driver's seat
Some trips are about kicking back and being the passenger. XPed doesn’t do trips like that. We put you in the action, in charge of your destiny and at the heart of your own adventure. Bring your best and make the most of it.
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